Sacks Weston LLC, Philadelphia. The Interview

Originally published on the Cannabis Law Report.

Earlier this week we spoke with Andrew Sacks of Sacks Weston LLC of Pennsylvania and asked him about the firm’s approach to the cannabis sector and some of the aims of their practice.

It’s a busy time at the moment in PA as the first approvals have recently come through

Also see Andrew’s comments with regard to hemp market development. From conversations we’ve had at CLR with parties around the world we’d suggest that this law firm in Philadelphia has a greater understanding than most, in its understanding of what lies in the future for hemp market development worldwide.

When did you first think about getting into the market?

Before the bill was passed I was lobbying heavily to get Lupus included in the 17 illnesses being approved. I eventually got the National Lupus Organization to change its position that medical marijuana was not recommended to it being recommended.

How long did it take to get the practice to a point you could take it out to clients and start pitching to prospective clients

I purchased most of the URL’s that directed my website to number 1 on google. I received 178 phone calls from prospective clients in 6 months. I ended up getting 1 permit winner. I made friends with application writing companies. I still get calls even though round 1 is over.

What are your current main areas of focus

Representing my permit winner and working to get the regulations fair and reasonable.

How many practitioners within in the firm and practice areas are they working in?

My partner John Weston and I handle the work

Are you able to work in all states – if not can you give an idea where geographically you are doing most of your work?

Outside PA I will be handling work in New Jersey but that is it.

Are you dealing with private wealth clients in the main with regard to investment – company / grow compliance etc ?

I represent MJ Freeway who was awarded the seed to sale contract for Pa and CCD which is the largest doctor network in the country.

Where do you see growth moving forward?

With Sessions as our chief lawyer I do not see anything changing. Let the states do what they want and when there is scientific proof that Medical Marijuana helps cure illnesses and gets people off of opioids he will still be against pot.

Where do you see your skill base lie in comparison to other firms?

I have been part of the process to get the Act passed and I have been so active in pro bono work that I am the “go to” guy in the state.

As A Hemp Specialist

Where do you see your part of the market sitting in 2-5 years time compared to the medical and recreational sectors?

Hemp CBD’s and hemp products will be in CVS in a few years. We need the federal government to pass a national hemp bill and then you will see the USA as the biggest hemp producing country in the world (other than China of course)

Do you see hemp as a product as well as products derived from hemp being traded freely across the USA and internationally?

Within the next 5 years. Yes, everything from Kitty litter to clothes and any other of its 25,000 usages.

Are there specific hemp products of existing sectors ,construction , food & beverage, materials, that you see really benefitting from further development of hemp legislation?

Car and house insulation, animal feed, kitty litter, CBD’s, construction materials. My hope is that the hemp industry gets federal approval soon so the hemp industry can thrive. Jobs, taxes, health are all relevant.