Complex Litigation Lawyers Defending UberBLACK Drivers

Uber has become a household name for a countless number of people across the world. You may have utilized the Uber app with the status of ‘driver’ or ‘rider.’ The ridesharing company has extended its services to include a multitude of options such as carpool, food delivery and electric bikes. However, our concerns lie with UberBLACK, the luxury version of UberX. UberBLACK offers high-end black cars operated by professional drivers. This sounds nice, right?

Unfortunately, UberBLACK drivers are not treated as fairly as you may think. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees in the private sector are entitled to a minimum wage. UberBLACK drivers are experiencing otherwise, so our nationally recognized lawyers in complex litigation at Sacks Weston LLC are fighting for justice. This wage class action lawsuit could change the lives and operations of UberBLACK drivers around the globe. We will not let this company take advantage of the people who comprise its foundation in the first place. Without drivers, there is no Uber.

UberBLACK drivers are not independent contractors. They are employees under law because Uber:

  • Manages the fare
  • Regulates which driver receives a trip request
  • Selects whether to refund or cancel a passenger’s fare
  • Controls a driver’s territory, which is subject to change without notice

With so many significant restrictions in place, it is illogical to classify UberBLACK drivers as independent contractors. By definition, an independent contractor is one whose payer (Uber) controls or directs the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. Thus, UberBLACK drivers should be deemed as employees given Uber’s control of drivers’ operations and not just the outcome.

Our proven subrogation attorneys are equipped to deconstruct Uber’s ‘driver-partner’ defense and maximize our clients’ recoveries with unparalleled litigation.

We obtain extensive insight on complex litigation cases, and accomplish successful results by applying a relentless, sophisticated litigation strategy for every client. In this case, UberBLACK drivers trust our elite team of lawyers to execute an aggressive defense to bring them the recognition and results they deserve. We will not allow for Uber to mistreat its employees, who are currently paid as independent contractors, with unfair wages.

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