• Great Guy
    He was helpful and listened to my concerns. He explained my options regarding my case. As an Uber black driver, I recommended him to other drivers if they have any other legal issues than our case with Uber Corporation.

    - Maen

  • Class Act!
    Jeremy represented me in a recent legal matter. I was impressed with his professionalism, not only with me but also with opposing counsel. Even with our adversary combative, Jeremy remained in control emotionally and professionally, and he was successfully able to lay out our case to the judge. I would recommend Jeremy to my family and friends.

    - Mike

  • Consummate Professional
    Mr. Abay helped me with a litigious matter that I felt lost in. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the law, in addition to his ability to explain it, is unsurpassed. His track record of success speaks for itself. His communication and timeliness speaks volumes towards his character as a lawyer. I’d recommend Mr. Abay to my family and closest friends without hesitation.

    - Jamie

  • I highly recommend Jeremy Abay!
    Jeremy became my attorney when the previous one with whom I was working was no longer handling my case. Switching attorneys, while a case is ongoing, is unsettling, to say the least; but in no time at all, Jeremy put any fear I had to rest. In fact, it was clear that he was going to run circles around my previous attorney. He was quick to action and explained everything that was happening as we moved along. I was never in the dark, and there was no question he didn't answer. He is knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent communicator. I was very please with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Jeremy Abay, and would surely work with him again in the future.

    - Rosemarie

  • The Best!
    Amazing!! By far the best lawyer I have ever dealt with, would quickly recommend to anyone. Jeremy Abay made a difficult situation painless with great results.

    - Briana

  • Outstanding results in just 4 months
    I was referred to Jeremy by a large New Jersey firm. After just four months, Jeremy settled my claim and got me paid. I would highly recommend him.

    - Angel

  • The best in Philly
    Mr. Jeremy Abay is one of the BEST lawyers in the Philadelphia region. He settled few cases for me which they were quick and very sweet. He really knows his business.... Big thank you to him and his firm.

    - Kenan

  • Outstanding legal service!
    Mr. Abay was extremely knowledgeable and efficient in providing me guidance and resolve with my legal issue. He was easy to contact and detailed in all of his communications. I am appreciate of his hard work and diligence and would recommend him to anyone I know!

    - Dianna

  • Jeremy Abay was a beacon of hope to my family
    Being from out of state, I was recommend to Jeremy from a friend for an issue: Jeremy Abay was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a quick satisfactory resolution at a reasonable cost seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was he able to successfully defend us from an unjust accusation without having to sacrifice my reputation from a past employer with deep pockets in the community, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and help to always curb expectations and outcomes of actions we took on each step of the process. My family and I are eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. Jeremy Abay without reservation when dealing with a employee vs employer issue.

    - Vince

    During my first meeting with Jeremy Abay, I instantly felt acknowledged. Upon learning of the firm's & Mr. Abay's successes, I was truly astounded by his understanding & interest in wanting to "fight" for my son and me. Our case was very serious and involved measures of which I'd never imagined, therefore, I was extremely nervous. Jeremy stood by me every step of the way, eased my tensions and ensured that I was in great hands. Jeremy maintained contact with me throughout and if I did happen to have any questions, Mr. Abay always replied to me in less than half an hour (and that's awesome for a busy attorney). In a nutshell, Jeremy Abay is a no-nonsense, go-getter, thorough, "pit bull" (compliment intended), client-compassionste, class act lawyer, hands down. In closing, Jeremy extended stellar respect towards me and that personally, carries more weight for me than his WIN for my son's & my case. SDS

    - Stephanie

  • Great, client-focused attorney!
    Jeremy is knowledgable and puts his client's interests first. He initially advised me on how I could represent myself so as to maximize my portion of the settlement, and then represented me at a very fair fee when I realized that was the route I wanted to go. Working with Jeremy was a pleasure and I recommend his services strongly.

    - Alex

  • A great human being
    [review for Jeremy Abay] Met him 2 years ago thru our association and discuss my situation. First time ever met someone who was more interested winning than asking for money. May God bless him for all he do for people like me. he isnt only a good and smart lawyer but also a great human being.

    - Usman

  • Never a quitter and always positive
    Jeremy is a lawyer that will take your case seriously all the way through the process and he will clearly communicate the case in a very specific manner which makes the content more easy for you to understand. Even if you started off in despair, he is surely a lawyer that will take over the mess of another lawyer and make it better without a doubt. You will feel like he is truly looking at things in your best interest. Also, he puts much effort in his work. I, more than highly, recommend him from what he has helped me with.

    - Khaldoun

  • Considerate and listened to my issues
    Mr. Abay was considerate, and listened to my issues. he was able to give me clear direction on a path I might choose if we decided to move forward.

    - Anthony

  • Awesome Professional Service
    Jeremy is the ideal example of attorney who really cares about his customers. He has done what exactly I was looking for with courtesy and smiling. Every time I was trying to contact him, was available and provide all support in a timely fashion. He has provided an outstanding support with my legal case and I'm fully satisfied with the results. I'd recommend Jeremy for anyone needs a real attorney with most care of his customers.

    - Anon

  • Worked tirelessly
    Jeremy represented me in a large class action suit. He worked tirelessly to get the law suit done and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

    - Former Client

  • Very aggressive lawyer
    [review for Jeremy Abay] one of the best lawyers I have met, very aggressive and knowledgeable, he kept me committed to my case when I was ready to fold. I highly recommend him.

    - abdou

  • Great Attorney and very Professional
    Jermey did a great job in handling my property damage case, I will highly recommend him as a professional and excellent lawyer.Thank you Jermey.

    - Viresh

  • He really knows his business
    [review for Jeremy Abay] During the process of my case, I am fully satisfy with his legal service.I would highly recommend him he really knows his business....

    - Kuldeep

  • Extremely Smart and Knowledable
    I had the pleasure of having Mr Jeremy Abay represent me in at first a class action lawsuit in regards to lost wages owed to me. Throughout the entire process he kept me informed and broke down everything that was happening. He is extremely smart, out smarting the competitors . Extremely professional and knowledable . He will fight hard for you and put in the work and time. At first they tried to dismiss my case however Jeremy did not stop there. He appealed it and WON. We ultimately settled out of court and I was paid the wages I was owed. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to represent me .

    - Alissa

  • Excellent legal service.
    During the process of my case, Mr. Abay demonstrated his excellent judgment and handled each step properly and professionally. I am satisfactory with his legal service.

    - YP

  • Good Lawyer. Great Guy. Awesome Experience.
    Not only is Jeremy a good lawyer, he is a great guy. When working with him I really got a sense that he cares about his clients. I was very impressed with his very detailed and elaborate analysis of the law to find unique solutions. I would highly recommend him and will work with him again.

    - Chris