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If you paid fees to the Taxicab and Limousine Division of the Philadelphia Parking Authority between July 16, 2004, and July 9, 2013, you may be a member of a certified Class.

A class-action lawsuit against the Philadelphia Parking Authority (“PPA”) is pending in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (the “Court”). The case is called Z&R Cab, LLC, Zoro, Inc., Ronald Blount, and Debra Bell v. Phila. Parking Authority, Case No. 140601394.

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What is the lawsuit about?

In early 2013, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania declared that the statute authorizing the PPA to collect fees to fund its Taxicab and Limousine Division was unconstitutional. The Plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit seek a refund, for each Class Member, of monies paid to the PPA under the unconstitutional statute.

The PPA is contesting the Plaintiffs’ claims. The Court has not yet decided whether the Plaintiffs or the PPA are right. The Plaintiffs representing the Class will have to prove their claims in court.

What is a Class action and who is involved?

In a class-action lawsuit, one or more people called “Class Representatives” (here, Z&R Cab, LLC, Zoro, Inc., Ronald Blount, and Debra Bell) sue on behalf of other people and businesses who have similar claims. The people and businesses together are called a “Class” or “Class Members.” The persons who sued – and all of the Class Members like them – are called the Plaintiffs. The entity they sued (in this case the PPA) is called the Defendant. One court (here, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas) resolves the issues for all Class Members, except for those who choose to opt-out of the Class.

Who is in the Class?

The Class consists of all individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies or other business entities which paid to (or to the use of) the Philadelphia Parking Authority fees assessed by the authority under the provisions of 53 Pa.C.S.A. § 5707(b), from including July 16, 2004, until July 9, 2013. Excluded from the Class are any such individuals or entities which already have received full restitution of their payments.

Why did you get a Notice?

You were identified as a potential Class Member according to records maintained by the PPA. You will remain a Class Member unless you submit a Request to Opt-Out (explained below). If you remain in the Class, you will be bound by any future order, judgment or settlement in this matter.

What are your options as a Class Member?

You must decide whether to stay in the Class or opt-out of it. If you want to stay in the Class, you do not have to do anything. If you wish to opt-out of the Class, you must submit a Request to Opt-Out.

Options What you need to do What happens
Stay in the Class Do nothing. If you stay in the Class, you will be permitted to share in any potential recovery that may occur in this lawsuit. You will also reserve the right to object to any proposed settlement and participate in future proceedings if allowed by the Court. However, by staying in the Class, you give up any rights to sue the PPA separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit. You also will be legally bound by all of the orders and judgments entered by the Court in this lawsuit, even if there is no recovery.
Opt-Out of the Class

Submit a Request to Opt-Out by mail or email.
Your Request to Opt-Out must include:
1.) Your name, address, email address and telephone number;
2.) A statement confirming that you want to opt-out of the Class; and,
3.) The case name and number: “Z&R Cab, LLC, et al. v. Phila. Parking Authority, Case No. 140601394.”

Mail submissions must be postmarked by May 25, 2020, and sent to P.O. Box 59479 Philadelphia, PA 19102-9479.

Email submissions must be received by May 25, 2020, and sent to

Do not send your Request to Opt-Out to the Court, Class Counsel, or PPA. Follow the above procedure.

If you opt-out of the Class (by following the procedure to the left), you will give up the right to participate in any recovery or settlement that may occur. But you will keep any rights you may currently have to sue the PPA for the legal claims at issue in this lawsuit. You also will not be bound by the orders and judgments entered by the Court in this lawsuit.

Who represents you as a Class Member?

The Court has appointed the following lawyers to represent you and other Class Members as Class Counsel:

Sacks Law, LLC
1650 Market Street
55th Floor, 1 Liberty Place
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 925-82300 |

Should you hire your own lawyer?

You do not need to hire your own lawyer since Class Counsel is working for you. However, you may hire your own lawyer at your own expense. If you hire a lawyer to speak for you in Court, your lawyer must file a Notice of Appearance.

Who should you contact if you have questions?

You should call class counsel at (215) 925-8200. Do not contact the Court or PPA about this lawsuit or Notice.

Where can I find more information?

You also can examine and obtain copies of court records from this lawsuit during regular business hours at the office of the Prothonotary located at City Hall, Philadelphia, PA.

Select pleadings from the lawsuit are available below:

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