New Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee to Form in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is still writing, updating, and issuing regulations and legal statutes surrounding the medical marijuana and hemp industries. This has left lawyers throughout the state wondering what is permitted and what is considered ethically questionable. The new Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee hopes to spread clarity on this topic through regular meetings that bring some of the greatest minds of the legal scene of Pennsylvania together.

Managing Partner Andrew B. Sacks, of Sacks Weston LLC in Philadelphia, will co-chair the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee with Justin Moriconi of Moriconi Flowers Ltd in Elkins Park. The main focus of the Committee will be to address and prepare questions that lawyers will need to eventually submit to the Philadelphia Bar Ethics Committee regarding how an attorney can proceed with a case involving medical marijuana or industrial hemp, two industries surrounded in controversy and uncertain regulations. Once a month, the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee will meet for extensive discussions, brainstorming, and general networking between medical marijuana lawyers; meeting times and locations will be determined in the weeks preceding the actual event.

The invitation to join the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee is extended to all lawyers in Pennsylvania. If you have been considering taking cases pertaining to these developing legal areas, please attend a Committee meeting to discover how membership can benefit you and your law firm. For additional information, call 215.925.8200 or contact Sacks Weston LLC online. Additional information can also be found on the Philadelphia Bar Association website by clicking here.