Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition Fights Halt of PA Medical Marijuana Program

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC) has collected a team of powerful legal minds from all around the state in order to keep the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program afloat. Andrew Sacks of Sacks Weston is joined by Cliff Levine of Cohen & Grigsby and William Roark of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin to bring this legal dream team to life.

The group of attorneys will work closely with the PCC in order to challenge any attempts to halt the state’s budding cannabis program. With the ability to immediately respond in a legal capacity to opposition, the PCC and the industries they assist are better suited than ever to make the medical marijuana program work.

Andrew Blasco, the co-executive director of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition, was quoted as saying that the team of attorneys was comprised entirely by “some of the Commonwealth’s top lawyers”. He also noted that each one was integral in the passage of Act 16. In fact, the legal team put together by the PCC was the same set of attorneys who managed to bring the state’s medical marijuana program to final approval, all while keeping the objective of upholding patient rights in focus.

Even though Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program promises to be a profitable and well-regulated industry, there will certainly be plenty of opposition to it in the future. The PCC’s attorney team will stay on top of all updates, news stories, and proposed legislation to do whatever they can to prevent the program’s derailment by dissatisfied parties. Notably, the federal government still applies heavy pressure on states to keep marijuana and cannabis illegal in all forms, and still counts marijuana as a Schedule I drug despite studies that point towards its relative safety and low addiction rate. The PCC’s team of marijuana law attorneys will fight to protect the rights of patients suffering with chronic diseases who rely on medical marijuana to enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition was formed this year in order to review, refine, and support marijuana laws in the state. The PCC also has intentionally focused its efforts on policies that regulate critical areas of the medical marijuana program, such as the actual distribution of cannabis-based treatments to dispensaries. Thanks to the work of the PCC, its lawyers, and other groups like the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is expected to be far more effective and completed sooner than any other state in history.

Interested in learning more about the PCC? Be sure to click here and visit the official website of the PCC. You can also contact Sacks Weston LLC if you are an individual, business, doctor, or even a lawyer with concerns or questions about the marijuana laws in Pennsylvania. Free case evaluations are available.