Committee of the Year Award to Be Given to Attorney Andrew Sacks

The Business Law Section Annual Reception will take place on February 13th, 2018 and will feature Attorney Andrew Sacks of Sacks Weston LLC in Philadelphia as a guest of honor. At the event, assembled by the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Committee of the Year award will be given to Andrew Sacks. He is being honored for his work as the founder of the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee, an organization that played an instrumental role in educating the Pennsylvania Bar Association in all things related to medical marijuana and hemp. He currently serves as a co-chair with Justin Moriconi of Moriconi Flowers LTD, who is also being co-honored with the Committee of the Year award.

The laws and regulations surrounding medical marijuana are constantly changing and facing new challenges from legislators and lobbyists. It is the mission of Attorney Andrew Sacks and the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee to uphold the integrity of medical marijuana programs in the state. Through its efforts, focus, and advanced legal knowledge, the committee has been able to help keep the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program on track; it is currently expected to be completed and established in all measures sooner than similar programs in other states that began even sooner. This is a remarkable achievement that certainly has played a role in the selection of the Committee of the Year award.

In addition to his work with the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee, Andrew Sacks has been applauded for his role with the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH). In 2015, the association chose him to be the only lawyer-member in their State Level Coalition. ATACH lobbies for ethical medical marijuana laws, as well as clarity in regards to how legal professionals can advocate on behalf of marijuana industry professionals, who are still at odds with federal restrictions.

If you are interested in attending the Business Law Section Annual Reception in Philadelphia, you can click here to visit the Philadelphia Bar Association’s website, which lists event registration information. You are also encouraged to click here to learn more about the Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee. You can contact Sacks Weston LLC to speak with Attorney Sacks or another one of our Pennsylvania complex litigation attorneys about a case of your own.