John Weston Speaks at PBI "Next Steps for Med-Marijuana" CLE Seminar

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) hosted a CLE seminar on October 17th, 2017 titled “Next Steps for Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania – Evolving Issues in a Growing Industry”. Due to his extensive background and unparalleled knowledge in all things related to marijuana law in Pennsylvania, as well as his direct involvement in the progression of marijuana laws in the state, Attorney John Weston of Sacks Weston LLC in Philadelphia was selected to be a keynote speaker at the event.

Thanks to the efforts of Attorney Weston, the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), and other legal professionals and businesses like them, Pennsylvania and its economy are enjoying an organized emergence of the medical marijuana industry within the state. This is only the beginning, however, and the seminar featuring Attorney Weston focused intentionally on how the medical marijuana program continues to move forward at a rapid yet planned pace. As the weeks, months, and years go on, new legal challenges, questions, and concerns will arise. It will be up to today’s and tomorrow’s lawyers, litigators, and lawmakers to handle them and ensure the medical marijuana program is unimpeded.

A panel of medical marijuana law and industry experts attended the seminar to explore various litigation and legal issues that developed during the Phase 1’s application process. While the issues did create some unexpected problems, overall they were taken in stride and seen as a great learning opportunity. The seminar also covered topics of ethics in the medical marijuana industry, medical research projects on the horizon, and future involvement of state-ran, academic clinics.

A quick summary of the PBI seminar with speaker John Weston:

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of Phase 1 litigation and legal issues
  • Appeals process review for claims made by unsuccessful applicants
  • Address what information in the medical marijuana industry must be made public
  • Discuss future implementations of the law and operational needs of businesses
  • Step-by-step discussion about how to go from permit to “open for business”
  • Compare Phase 1 success to expectations and relate to Phase 2
  • Explore medical marijuana programs in other states and jurisdictions
  • Learn about research, studies, and development in the industry
  • What is new and current with Chapters 19 and 20 regulations
  • Cover ethics in the industry, which provides an Ethics Credit

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