Jesse Cohen to Present at Subrogation CLE Seminar

Workers’ compensation subrogation requires in-depth knowledge of some of the most complex forms of litigation to successfully handle from start to finish. Many of the world’s best lawyers will admit to having room to improve when it comes to subrogation cases of this nature. At Sacks Weston LLC, we are honored to have Subrogation Attorney Jesse M. Cohen on our staff, and he is honored to be able to share his unparalleled understanding of workers’ compensation subrogation law with other legal professionals during an upcoming Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminar.

Seminar information:

  • Title: (1st Annual) Fundamentals of Workers’ Compensation
  • Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Date: Thursday, August 18th, 2016
  • Time: 8:30 AM to 4:30 AM

At the Fundamentals of Workers’ Compensation seminar, Attorney Cohen will address a wide variety of issues specific to understanding and utilizing workers’ compensation law to the benefit of employees and companies alike, with an intentional focus on subrogation. Topics of discussion in the full-day event will include an overview of state case law, how to actually handle a workers’ compensation claim, benefits interplay, temporary and permanent benefits, and ethical considerations when managing a workers’ comp case.

What is Subrogation in Workers’ Comp Cases?

In the world of insurance and benefit payouts, subrogation is a fairly common practice that goes on right under peoples’ noses. If you are hurt at work, your own insurance company can use subrogation to act on your behalf. They will begin by paying for your expenses upfront, helping you recover faster, and then turn to the insurance provider of your employer and demanding necessary payments. While this may seem beneficial on the surface, subrogation cases can get complicated quickly if the party that used subrogation is not fully reimbursed, or if you are not given any recoveries in the first place.

If you would like to know more about the seminar, or about how our subrogation attorney can help you with a case of your own, contact us online today. You can also schedule a free initial case evaluation to ask more direct questions.