Andrew Sacks Serves as Editorial Board Member of Cannabis Law Report

Andrew Sacks, Managing Partner of Sacks Weston LLC and head of our firm’s cannabis and hemp department, has dedicated a large focus of his practice on medical marijuana and industrial hemp. His efforts include not only protecting the rights and interests of our clients as they navigate Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry, but also active involvement in the formation, regulation, and revision of policies regarding marijuana and the law. Among his many professional affiliations is his role as an Editorial Board Member of the Cannabis Law Report.

The Cannabis Law Report is a global publication that provides critical information and updates about marijuana, evolving legislation, and ongoing research. It provides readers, patients, and professionals with the information they need to protect their rights and make their voices heard. It also acts as a trusted resource for fellow lawyers, marijuana advocates, and members immersed in the medical marijuana industry to find relevant news on issues that pertain to their areas of focus.

As an Editorial Board Member, Mr. Sacks plays an active role in cultivating content for the Cannabis Law Report, which publishes a periodical Cannabis Law Report. In particular, he serves as an editorial board member for the state of Pennsylvania (the report has editorial board members hailing from states and countries across the world). This allows him to utilize his insight on current topics facing the medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania and share news that can help the local legal, business, and patient communities become better informed.

With medical cannabis regulatory issues and laws constantly in flux, disseminating the right type of information to the public is also crucial to supporting new initiatives that expand access to medical marijuana and the rights of all those involved in the industry. When people who are passionate about this area of law are kept informed about ongoing initiatives and efforts, they can take an active role in supporting them, raising awareness, and ultimately, ensuring they pass.

Andrew Sacks’ involvement with the Cannabis Law Report is just one of many active roles he takes in the medical marijuana industry. Considered one of the leading legal professionals in the state for these matters, he has been selected by the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) as the only attorney to serve on its State Level Coalition, where he works to promote fair laws and improve the quality of legal representation for those involved in the marijuana and hemp industries. He was also actively involved in founding the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Medical Marijuana and Hemp Law Committee. He currently serves as co-chair of the committee and the Pennsylvania Bar Association Business Law Section’s Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee. Mr. Sacks continues to speak on these issues, and has been a featured lecturer at seminars organized by the Marijuana Policy Project, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the Pennsylvania Canna-Business Center.

This level of dedication to moving marijuana regulations forward speaks volumes not only about the depth of Mr. Sacks’ experience and knowledge in this area, but also his genuine passion. It is this passion that has enabled our firm to continually provide the counsel and representation our clients need.

If you are an entrepreneur or company involved in the medical marijuana or hemp industries, or are looking to get involved in any capacity, you can be confident about placing your trust in Sacks Weston LLC and Partner Andrew Sacks. Our attorneys are passionate about the role we play in this emerging area of law, and about supporting the businesses who, while doing commendable work, face unique legal concerns and challenges. Learn more about our medical marijuana practice online, or contact us today to learn how we can help you.