Cannabis Professional Directory Adds Attorney Andrew Sacks

Professionals entering into cannabis, hemp, and medical marijuana industries still need to worry about repercussions, especially from federal sources and agencies. Navigating all the legalities and regulations can be a nightmare without a legal professional there as well. The Cannabis Professional Directory was created to help people find the cannabis lawyers, professionals, and entrepreneurs they need, when they need them most.

Attorney Andrew Sacks of Sacks Weston LLC has recently been added to the Cannabis Professional Directory. With a law firm headquartered in Philadelphia and a long history of working with cannabis industry professionals, like the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), Attorney Sacks is widely-regarded as the leading legal professional in Pennsylvania when it comes to advancing cannabis and hemp law, as well as defending the rights of other lawyers who want to provide counsel to medical marijuana businesses. He currently serves as co-chair to the Philadelphia Bar Association Medial Marijuana and Hemp Law Committee the Pennsylvania Bar Association Medical Marijuana and Hemp Law Committee, which is tasked with constructing and overseeing legal changes and new laws regarding these substances all throughout Pennsylvania. Much of the work done by this committee is expected to be adopted eventually by similar committees in other states.

If you would like to view his profile on the Cannabis Professional Directory, you can click here. You can also click here to visit the Cannabis Professional Directory main site. Of course, if you are working within the hemp and cannabis industries and need the help of a Philadelphia cannabis law attorney, you are encouraged to contact Sacks Weston LLC and ask for an initial case evaluation.