Compensation for Catastrophic Personal Injuries

According to most legal dictionaries, a catastrophic injury is one that leaves someone with permanent damage that is likely to disqualify them from most workplace activities. While most occur due to a sudden traumatic event, it is not necessarily a requirement, as a debilitating illness can be considered a catastrophic event. Some examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Amputations
  • Severe brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Organ damage
  • Blindness or deafness
  • Crippling diseases

If your catastrophic injury was due to someone else’s negligence, such as in a car accident or exposure to hazardous chemicals on the job, you may be able to seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim. However, it is important to understand that your case cannot be approached like a typical personal injury lawsuit.

Greater Injuries Require Greater Compensation

It sounds like a simple concept – the more severe your injuries are, the higher your financial compensation should be – but it is one that many attorneys and courtrooms overlook. All sorts of catastrophic injuries require lifelong rehabilitation programs to help people cope. Some require regular medical checkups to ensure that the problem is not getting worse, and others include weekly routines and programs to teach the injured how to walk or write again.

To be granted a flat sum of money is simply not enough for most people who have suffered a catastrophic injury. In order to be treated fairly and find stability in your future well-being, you need to work with an attorney that is not afraid to greater compensation amounts, including recurring payments for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you could eventually have to pay out of your own pocket for your medical bills, which could be impossible if your injury left you unable to work.

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