PA Issues 12 Med-Marijuana Growers Permits, Including Sacks Weston Client

The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and set up a reliable state-wide program is only just beginning in many regards. A major step forward was made recently after the state’s Health Department officially issued the first 12 growers and processors permits to companies vying for the opportunity. A total of 177 applicants were considered in this first round of permit picks. Among the 12 selected was Ilera Healthcare, a client of Sacks Weston LLC in Philadelphia.

Applicants were chosen based on a number of factors, including location, security at relevant facilities, and the company’s perceived ability to handle the responsibility. Companies that worked with medical marijuana attorneys, like the Ilera Healthcare and Sacks Weston LLC team up, were better able to anticipate application requirements, understand legal expectations, and avoid potential missteps. As there is still some speculation surrounding medical marijuana applications from a federal government standpoint, it was crucial that this first wave of accepted applicants be as prepared as possible.

Growers and processers who have received the permits will now have a frantic yet exciting six-month road ahead of them to ensure their facilities and businesses are entirely up to code and regulation standards. Ilera Healthcare will continue to turn to Sacks Weston LLC for legal guidance, advice, and representation when necessary. Pennsylvania’s goal is creating a medical cannabis program that is completely operational and without hiccoughs before the end of March 2018. If the highly demanding six-month deadline is not met by a grower, it will be possible to request an extension.

For more information about this significant update to the Pennsylvania medical cannabis program and its overall progress, you may wish to read these two articles from ABC6 and Philly Mag:

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