ATACH Forms the Pennsylvania Coalition of Marijuana License Holders

The Pennsylvania State Health Department has recently issued medical marijuana growers and processors licenses to 12 select businesses throughout the state. This group marks the beginning of the next leg of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program, which continues to grow and progress thanks to the dedication of groups like the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), and the Philadelphia Bar Association Business Law Section: Medical Marijuana and Hemp Committee.

Only days after receiving the licenses, the 12 medical marijuana license winners and ATACH announced the formation of ATACH’s Pennsylvania Coalition of Marijuana License Holders. The Coalition will come together to ensure that the license holders stay on schedule when fulfilling the state’s license holder requirements, as well as ensuring the continued understanding of the seemingly ever-changing medical marijuana and cannabis laws. At this point, the license holders have only six months to meet all the requirements and “get up to code.”

Among the many industry professionals within the Coalition is Attorney Andrew Sacks of Sacks Weston LLC in Philadelphia. Attorney Sacks is the only member who is also a lawyer. He will be playing a unique role in the Coalition by providing legal insight to complex issues the moment they arise. As a long-standing ATACH member, Attorney Sacks’ own personal efforts can be seen as instrumental to the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program as a whole.

With the first licenses distributed to trusted companies and businesses, and the Coalition officially formed, the future of medical marijuana and cannabis in Pennsylvania, and indeed the country, appears brighter than ever before. With the continued focus and dedication of Attorney Sacks, ATACH, and other Coalition members, the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program promises to be more efficient and better ran than any other similar program in America.

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