Sacks Weston LLC Joins Forces with Dilworth Paxson LLP on Medical Marijuana Issues in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA – Sacks Weston LLC has announced that it has partnered with the law firm of Dilworth Paxson LLP to help provide counsel to hospitals, medical schools and universities throughout Pennsylvania as they explore opportunities presented by the new medical marijuana law passed in May by Governor Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania has now joined 24 states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical cannabis.

It is estimated that over 200,000 individuals across the Commonwealth will sign up as card holders for the service, with estimated annual sales revenue amounting to $100 to $150 million. As a unique industry populated primarily by startups, companies will require legal and financial advice on myriad aspects of negotiating this new and possibly controversial business landscape. Hospitals and university health systems will also seek guidance as they navigate the first-of-its-kind legislation related to the implementation of clinical studies that are likely to propel these organizations to national Center of Excellence status in one or more of the 17 “serious medical condition” areas identified in the new law.

In conjunction with Sacks Weston ’s Managing Partner, Andrew B. Sacks, who is a leading attorney on medical marijuana in the Commonwealth, this partnership will capably handle any and all issues for clients in this new business sector. Together with Dilworth Paxson, we are now able to provide comprehensive legal services throughout Pennsylvania to any entity that wants to get involved in the medical marijuana industry. In addition to Dilworth, Sacks Weston currently has a joint venture with the Montgomery County law firm of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, P.C. and are affiliated with the Pittsburgh-based law firm of Cohen & Grigsby.

When asked as to why he chose to partner with Dilworth in particular, Andrew Sacks stated that after speaking with many large Philadelphia law firms, “they’re the best of the best in the specialized practice areas to assist hospitals, medical schools, universities, and clinics, as well as cannabis grower/dispenser license applicants, in this burgeoning field.” Sacks, who has been active in lobbying efforts in getting the Bill passed in the spring, is now influential in advising and commenting on the regulations as they are being written. In fact, Sacks was one key force in getting the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to consider changing Rule 1.2(d) to permit lawyers to represent the industry.