Rules Clarified for Medical Marijuana Attorneys in PA

As previously covered on our blog (for example here and here), Andrew Sacks has been working for months with the Philadelphia Bar Association to clarify the rules for lawyers in light of the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Specifically, his goal has been to achieve clarity on the guidelines concerning whether it would be permissible for an attorney to represent any person or company involved in the marijuana industry without violating the Canons of Ethics in Pennsylvania. Though medical marijuana has been legalized on the state level, it remains illegal under federal law, a circumstance which raises questions and creates a gray area.

Thankfully, the Bar has completed their review of the question, and recently published a resolution regarding the proposed amendments to Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2, which clarifies the issue and opens the door for attorneys to work with individuals and companies in the new medical marijuana industry free from concern about violating bar rules on the state level.

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